Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Tree

This cute little tree is just a stack of open books, a little packing tape, paper wads, an empty tape roll, or sections of sturdy cardboard tubing.

Gather the books that you want to use. Large to small. You may be able to take it apart later, but probably not without some damage if you have to use the packing tape at the back, so pick books that aren't treasures to you. I may make a permanent tree with a rod or dowel down the center next time. I gathered greenish books.

Start with a sturdy roll of of tape, empty or not, and place your largest book open, face down, on top of the roll. My first thing was a roll of book mending tape. You could probably use a large wad of paper here, but whatever you use it needs to be sturdy to hold all the weight you will add. Add books and wads of paper or sections of sturdy cardboard tubing, under the spine areas as you stack to give support and height. You can experiment with turning each book slightly. As you add to the stack the tree will take on a life of it's own and get personality. It will likely tilt and you will have to add paper wads or exchange books to make it go the way you want. Use a little clear packing tape at the back as needed. Decorate with a little garland and a topper. The last touches are what really make you see that it's a tree!

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