Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking Offense

I've had a couple of conversations recently about taking offense. Someone thought they'd offended or hurt me and I wasn't offended at all. I told them that I rarely get offended. That sounds like a brag, and I think the Lord brought to mind later how often I do take offense.

Just one example is my mild road rage. Some days it seems like everyone is talking on their cell phones, running red lights, and I suspect I may have a giant electro-magnet on the side of my car that draws folks out of their lane into mine. So I start talking to the car of offense: "Hey, red car! Get in your lane!" , "Don't pull out, don't pull out truck!"

My 76 year-old mother was in my car one day as this was going on and commented, "Honey, don't talk to those people they can't hear you, and it's a sign of immaturity." I was offended when she said that, but......she was right. :)

I think that more than not being easily offended at people I'm just oblivious. Oblivious that anyone would intend to leave me out, snub me, intentionally do something mean. Now, if you hurt my babies, watch out! I usually notice that.

One of my sisters used to call me Miss Gullible. Gullible is being easily deceived or duped. All her practical jokes and tricks worked on me. I still love her, by the way.

"He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love" -Proverbs 17:9

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