Thursday, March 22, 2012

Testing - Making a Pinterest Button - It Works!!!

  I tried for hours to get a Pinterest button to work to no avail.

 I was trying to get this gorgeous photo to show up and made a test. The box would pop up, but no photo would show up in the box. The photos in your blogger posts that you want others to be able to pin to their boards in Pinterest won't work with the "Pin it Button for Websites" that Pinterest has. So you have to follow the directions from Spice Up Your Blog  which I will repeat below for the basic button. Remember to ALWAYS back up your template before you make changes - Here's how:
 On the design page click your "edit HTML" button. Click "Proceed". Once the page is open check mark the box at the top that says, "Expand Widget Templates". Then highlight and copy ALL of that great gobbledy gook and paste it into Notepad or Notepad ++  Name it and save it. That way if you make big boo-boos you can go back to where we just copied that HTML from and paste the old one back in instead of looking for the specific mess up. 

Now, in that "edit HTML" box we just looked at on your blog you need to find the "data post body" code. To have the button at the top of each of your posts you need to copy and paste the Pin It Button Code, from Spice Up Your Blog directly above that "data post body" code in your HTML for your blog. Preview it before saving the template, and voilà the Pin It button will now work in Blogger!


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