Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photography Class Interest ?

I've been thinking about teaching a photography class for homeschool students this fall. This class would be tailored to 7th-12th grade students to earn a credit in digital photography. I've yet to decide if we will use a book, what the class size will be limited to, and I'll need to look for a place to hold the classes. There will be a fee. It would be good for them to have their own camera of some kind, though I'll have cameras we can share during class time. It would also be nice to have laptops so that we could really get into digital editing software, without everyone trying to see one computer. I'd want to be able to meet a few times in the downtown area to do some on-location photography with them. I know this could be a lot of fun, and I hope everything works out for me to be able to do it. I may do a younger class as a co-op class at a later time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds Fun!

 Cha said...

There are 16 students interested so far!
I'm thinking this is going to be so fun!

I'm going to do a short mom's class, and a co-op class at some point.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

What a wonderful idea, Cha! Wish I lived near you.

I love my camera, but I have so much to learn!

Perhaps you should write out your lessons and share them with me. :D

 Cha said...

I'm working on lesson plans, but I'm also trying to make a decision about whether we will use some kind of book. If I find THE book I want to use I'll let you know. :)

I said I'd do a younger co-op class at some point, but it looks like I'll also be doing a one day, mom's class.

What kind of camera do you have Marilyn?