Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Big Lie We Were Taught

I'm sure I was ever directly taught evolution, I think I absorbed it from the culture. I do remember being taught the "Big Bang" theory in elementary school.
We have a pastor friend who says, "Yes, the Big Bang happened.....God said, 'BANG!!', and there the world was!"

I have great respect for teachers brave enough to buck the system. I had a wonderful Christian biology teacher in high school. He took us through the book at the beginning of the year so we'd know what he expected from us. He said he'd be skipping the evolution chapter since he wasn't allowed to teach the truth of creation also.

As I became an adult I started to absorb different ideas about creation. I started to believe God could have used evolution to create the world. He could have, but He didn't. I want to say here that I do believe in microevolution. Microevolution is how creation scientists refer to changes in the gene pool of a population over time which result in relatively small changes to the organisms in the population. These are changes which would not result in the newer organisms becoming different species. Examples of these "micro" changes would include a change in a species’ color or size. Donkeys, zebras and horses probably came from a common animal. As a creationist/young earther, I completely accept the fact that adaptation or natural selection can occur rapidly. In fact these kind of processes would have occurred rapidly after the Flood, producing variation within the animal kinds, but I don't believe a cat will ever be anything but a cat. I never have figured out how the evolutionary "theory" has become accepted fact by so many. Real science is repeatable and results can be witnessed and measured. You'll never put a frog in a blender, pour it out, strike it with lightening and make it come to life. No human alive was present at the very beginning. Scientific method is conducted in the present. As soon as you make a statement about what happened in the far past, bearing in mind that you weren’t there, you step outside scientific methodology. There is a difference between operational science and origins science. If you claim to know for sure that living cells developed spontaneously from non-living molecules, then you are mistaken. You were not there to see it happen, nor have you observed it happening in the laboratory.

Did you know?:

Stalactites can grow at an alarming rate, not taking millions of years. They can be found under subways and monuments:

George Rogers Clark Memorial (from the official NPS site)
On March 26, 1934, within six weeks of the day the memorial building was accepted by the executive committee, the members were informed that following a rain there appeared: “numerous small leaks through the terrace into the finished rooms in the basement . . . (and) there were very heavy leaks around the downspouts at the corners of the terrace.”
By Jan. 30, 1937 leaks had become so numerous that a report stated, “the disastrous results” to the building were “appalling.”
During April 1939, an inspection of the structure described the situation and “decadent conditions . . . caused by leakage, which had been allowed to exist.” This inspection found stalactites four feet in length where water seeped through the structure.
This inspection also identified the cause of the seepage problem as “damage to (the) waterproof membrane.” This was caused when granite slabs were moved into place and the concrete of the terrace surface was poured. “Improperly designed terrace drains” also were cited as a contributing factor. The report concluded, “If money were no problem, the difficulty could be corrected by removal of all the granite slabs and pebble-concrete terrace pavement and replacement of the fractured waterproof membrane.”

An island can form in a matter of months from volcanic action. I found the first hand account of people on a yacht watching a new island form right before their eyes.

Modern hats, tools, and barbed wire have been found which are fossilized. There is plenty of argument over the type of fossilization here, but the fact remains....fossils can and do form more rapidly that we have been lead to believe. Fossil hat
More evidence that Noah's flood covered the earth and wasn't just a localized flood. Western Oklahoma and Kansas settlers didn't have many trees for posts, so they used the limestone. Many of these posts can be seen which have sea shells embedded in them. There are piles of seashells in Oklahoma near where some of my family lives, and shark teeth have been found in the Smoky Mountains.

Canyons can form from in quite a bit less than a million years. You know layered ones that were supposedly laid down over millions and billions of years, then millions more to allow rivers to cut through them exposing those layers. Evidence against millions and billions of years can be found from the Mount Saint Helens eruption which laid down layers of ash. When the rains and subsequent flooding came they cut a canyon into the debris and solidified ash. I'm not claiming this canyon was formed in an instant, but it was formed much more rapidly than millions of years. Why do people doubt that the Grand Canyon could've been a result of Noah's flood? You figure it out. (Make sure to read the awesome rebuttal and click on the amazing Grand Canyon photo links.)

Unfossilized dinosaur bone containing hemoglobin, and the still-recognizable shapes of red blood cells have been found. 
Some say her peers will not substantiate her findings, but no wonder, they don't want her findings to be true.

Evidence of rapid burial and fossilization have been found. A larger dinosaur in the middle of swallowing a smaller dinosaur! He didn't even finish his dinner that he was consuming tail first. Before these creatures had time to rot they became quickly buried and then fossilized. That kicks slow evolutionary process in the head and gives credence to the rapid burial and aftereffects of Noah's flood.
"...on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." -Genesis 7:11 That sounds like stuff was coming up out of the earth to me. Volcanic action? Remember Pompeii and how quickly disaster came to those poor people?

Coal chunks have broken open to reveal gold necklaces, iron pots, and finely crafted brass bells, and other man made things. You know how reliable carbon dating material can be, right? Also fossils are dated in relation to the surrounding rock. How is the surrounding rock dated? Why, by the fossils in them, of course!

Scientists have been known to lie and fabricate evolutionary evidence to gain prestige, and grant money. People would rather believe a lie than the truth. Confronted with the truth of creation in 6 days means you may have to think about The Creator and what He expects of you. You see the problem here. When I speak to Christian people about these evidences even they are amazed.

The different interpretations of data come from whether a scientist has already formed a bias against the creation view of the beginning. Some scientists see evidence of evolution in the same data that other scientists see evidence for creation by a higher power. Even if they don't believe in God as I do, they at least are willing to admit there is perfection, precision, and design in nature. When they come to admit those facts, the ones with true wisdom begin to realize for every design there is a designer. For every piece of artwork there is an artist. For every work showing craftsmanship there must be a Master Craftsman.

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