Friday, October 30, 2009


How can anyone look at something as intricate as a flower and think all of creation just "happened"? Click that pink flower and make it bigger. Is that a happy accident of millions of years? I think NOT. There is design in nature because there is a designer! We don't look at a gorgeous landscape painting and say, "Wow, look at that! Wonder how it got here? Maybe the canvas grew out of the wall and the color accidentally splashed on in such a perfect way. Cool!"
Such stupidity amazes me. Some people are more willing to believe the aliens are coming back to get us and take us to the home planet than in a Creator God. The mother ship may be coming for them, but only in their minds.

There is mathematical precision in nature. Here are a few sites which show some interesting stuff. Always supervise kids on the internet. No guarantee all sites I recommend will have all good stuff on them.
Naturally occurring fractals
The Golden Ratio or Section
More on Numbers in nature

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