Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Beka Bible Doctrines

A Beka Bible Doctrines for Today is sold for 10th grade. This is a book I recommend for high school and up. 5 thumbs up! :)

Possibly slightly younger grades could read through with parental help. Every Christian adult should have such a marvelous doctrinal gem on their bookshelf AND actually read and understand what's in it!

As is usual with A Beka courses there is a teacher book, student book, test & quizzes booklet, and answers to tests & quizzes booklet. If you know me, you know that we don't use everything A Beka puts out there, even though we LOVE their curriculum. We dug into the Bible and read through and discussed the Bible Doctrines book. Meaty, wonderful discussions. No tests were needed for me to know whether we'd "gotten it" or not.

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