Thursday, December 18, 2008

You'd never know

You'd never know it's the season celebrating Jesus by looking for Christmas cards, nativity ornaments, and the like. Now we're supposed to scrub His name out of the holiday itself and say "Happy Holidays".

Well, what is a "holiday"? HOLY DAY, that's were "holiday" comes from. I realize that some of our holidays were dates used in ancient days for pagan, evil, celebrations, but we all know that the early church began combating that with HOLY DAYS of their own. Sad that we may be devolving towards the paganism.

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks to who? The Lord, of course! Then there's Christmas, when we celebrate Jesus' birth, not St. Nicholas, who is celebrated separately on the 6th of December in many counties.

We spent Thanksgiving in southern Ohio with my husband's family. We went to the grocery store where there was already a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army. He said, "Happy Holidays" as I put money in the kettle and was turning to leave. I loudly replied, " AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!" over my shoulder. A lady nearby chuckled, and I said, "Merry Christmas....Christmas.....Christmas!" And we both had a good laugh. Let them just try to stop me from saying Christmas. :)

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