Saturday, December 6, 2008

Too Funny!

Funny about Obama birth certificate.

You gotta laugh. Our country is going to you-know-where in a handbasket.
Just laugh, and pray.

Here's text from Igor's site, but go there to see the great certificate he made:

To my new friends in America;

My name Igor Marxomarxovich I come from old country Russia one year ago. I thank you for freedom has been given me in my new country.

I here only this time but have already vote. I vote five times already with the help of new friends at ACORN. They tell me OK I become citizen later. Never in my country can I do this. I vote three or four times later this week. They give me new name each time I vote. Give me American cigarettes to smoke in line. Sometimes even find Igor place at front of line.

Such freedom. My uncle die three year ago. With help of ACORN he still able to vote (but not get American cigarettes)

My sister not speak English. They even go vote for her. Generous American taxpayers pay ACORN help make this possible! Thank you very much!

This beautiful land of opportunity. Even stupid person like Mr Biden can become president. In my country we call such people rocket scientist. That is person who say he smart, but too stupid to fly rocket straight up into air then down into ground to crash.

I would like to show my gratitude to Mr. Obama. He not have time to find birth certificate to be president. He go back to Hawaii for 5 day but only have time to visit sick grandmother for hour and still find no paper. Media too busy to help. They have important things to do like find out if Joe Plumber in union or where Ms Palin get dress.

I help them easy. In Russia all plumbers in union. Dues become taxes. Then, union become part of government. Even rocket scientist know that. It not matter where Ms. Palin get dress. Maybe she give dress to Mr Biden, He wear on TV interview and answer mean question easy like she do. Then maybe he not get so angry and look so stupid..

To help Obama campaign, I, Igor, make him birth certificate. Better than one DNC goons make for website! I take DNC like my KGB back home!

*I Igor make certificate only from gratitude. But if Mr Obama need Cabinet member, I Igor have many good credential:

Former community organizer for KGB

Much smarter than Senator Biden

Graduate Moscow Elementary School in only 10 year!

Former treasurer for Moscow Plumber Union - raise dues 40% only keep ½ for myself – buy big house with big backyard in Moscow(buy cheap from good friend, Moscow slum lord before he go jail)

Graduate top of class from Moscow Elementary, therefore know 50 states in US, 15 states of USSR and 57 states of Islam (my school records sealed – I not want you see them)

Not as good looking as Ms Palin, but a lot better looking than Hilary and Hawaii Governor – looks important to media …That why good friend Senator Barney get me loan from ACORN and Freddie Mac before I declare bankruptcy.

Have birth certificate. Eligible be of President United States!

All facts can be check on independent nonpartisan nonprofit internet site Media has inspect all document and see raised seal. All donations to Igor accepted.

Remember, I Igor say vote early and vote often. Then you get more American cigarette.

Gratefully yours,

Igor Marxomarxovich
Any complaints or comments please send to and they will be handled in appropriate manner.

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