Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Trees From Old Book Pages

I love the little trees I made from old book pages! 
I've seen the idea a couple of places.
Kayla Aimee She shows how to fold & Creative "Try" als

The metal candle holders I already owned, 
and Dollar Store ornament toppers made them just right! 
These are decorations that didn't cost much at all. 

You'll need: 

  • Old Paperbacks. I found a so-called "classic" that I hated. I recently tried to read it and I made myself finish it, but it was absolutely awful! Rambling writing, partially inside the head of a mentally ill person, and there was no real plot. So it became a couple of nice little trees. Yea! That makes me happy.
  •  Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Ornament or Topper
  • Candle holders Or something to stand trees on.
  • Glue & Glitter Optional for the page edges. I didn't use any.

Take the cover off carefully, taking only the paper cover, and leaving as much original glue on the spine as you can. 
Count out 2 sets of 30 pages. If you go by page numbers just remember if you cut out at page 30 you will only have 15 pages! I couldn't figure out why my first tree had to be filled in so much. It was because I'm silly and only had 30 pages total! So go to page 60 and cut the first section out. Then to page 120 or so. I added a few more on each side after that first sparse tree.

Fold each set of 30 pages as follows:

With the spine edge of the first 30 pages to your left grasp the top right corner and fold down to the edge as shown above.

Then fold the same page down again sort of like a paper airplane. I used a pencil or Popsicle stick to smooth down and make a sharp edge.

Repeat with all thirty pages. 

Sometimes curling a little as you go gets the page down in there where it needs to go.

REPEAT with the other 30 pages only start them out with the spine to the right.

I cut off the extra tabs that hung down. You can fold them up. I didn't like that. 
You can also trim the height once you get each half done. 
Trimming off the same amount from the bottom of each side. 

 This is what the bottom of one half should look like after folding. At the top middle you can still see some of the original spine. You will need 2 halves like this before you heat up the glue gun.

Put a bead of hot glue all the way down that original spine area and 
quickly press both halves together.

Touch up with a little more glue if needed. 
Here's where you can glue glitter to the page edges if you like.
Then glue on the topper.

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Jennifer said...

Love these, Charlene...I think the kids and I will have to make some!