Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Nanny - Dear Benji

Dear Nanny,

I miss you so much. I will see you very very soon. After my dad's birthday, we'll wait a few days maybe, and then we're gonna come to Orlando. Then we're gonna drive to Clearwater to see the O___s. Then we're gonna drive to Uncle Charlie and then to Oklahoma. :)
When my dad is home we're gonna have his birthday. I love you Nanny. Bye!

(Ben dictated and Mommy typed)

Dear Sweet Benjamin,
  I'm so glad to read your itinerary. That is to say; when you will be traveling and where. It sounds like you will have a very busy time here in the USA. Pappy, Aaron, and I can't wait to see you, but especially your Nanny, ME!
  I was making your dad granola for his birthday, but I'm worried it may not get there in time. I really don't imagine he will mind. He's an awfully sweet daddy, isn't he? Your mommy is the most wonderful too! I'm so glad God gave you the parents He did. Best of all so that I get to have YOU for my grandson!!!!!
  I miss you so very much too. I was sad when I lost the nice phone messages you left for me. But I REALLY don't like to miss your phone calls because it makes my day so nice to hear from you and the rest of your family. I'm so glad we will see each other SOON. Pappy is planning on some things for you that I think you and Lucy will like. Your Nana and Papa B, my mom and dad, are anxiously awaiting your coming too. We will blow bubbles, play in sand and water, see that submarine on dry land. It will be great!
Have a wonderful sleep and an even better day!

Love from your,

P.S. Here's a photo of the submarine. It's really too bad we can't take a ride on it like you wanted to do, but it stays on dry land. This was taken in 2004. Your mommy is the one right over the anchor.

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