Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Peas - Beetle Boat

I spied this little beetle in my bird bath water with a tiny, tiny 
friend along for the ride. 
While I was sloshing the water around to get a closer photo, the beetle capsized, but the spider hung on for dear life and resurfaced still 
clinging to the beetle's back! 
You can click each photo to look at it even closer.

 Row, row row your beetle gently down the stream....

"To the right please, Mr. Beetle!"

 Look how the water clings to the beetles legs as he paddles.

 "Go LEFT beetle!"  "Now TURN AROUND!"

There were beetles in Nana and Papa's swimming pool years ago that your mommy and uncle Aaron used to call swimmy beetles. I'm not sure this is the same thing. This one has 6 legs. Young diving beetles have just 2 legs. God made some amazing little creatures, didn't He?
I hope you enjoyed our beetle adventure. 

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