Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colorado with my Best Friend

I went to Colorado with my best friend in September. Thought you might like to see a photo. Our sweet, practically grown son was with us and took the photo. It was sort of a 25th anniversary trip. The kids have nearly always gone with us on anniversaries and we couldn't go without him since he'd never been.

I'm soooo blessed to have such a husband. Valentine's Day is coming up and I just want him to know that I'm looking forward to another 25 Valentine's Days with him, even if I don't get to be home for this one. I'm awaiting the eminent birth of a granddaughter here in Germany and will be here instead. It's hard to be in multiple places at once. Us moms always seem to be pulled in a hundred different directions. We are wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, with all the jobs those titles entail. Then we add paid and volunteer work to the mix with our aging parents needing a little or a lot more care and we are often stretched to the limit. Sometimes it feels like "To infinity and BEYOND!" So I'm thankful beyond measure to the Lord for my honey. He helps me carry life's burdens and gives me so much joy. I don't worry about my folks, our son, or a multitude of other things while I'm away because I can count on him to take care of things.

My love trusts in him
When the days are hard
Or the nights are sad
He's there for me
I can lean on him

He prays with me
Hands gently encasing mine
I feel a treasure
He would give his life for me
I can rely on him

We listen together
With each word we speak
I know I matter
And he cares for me

I can confide in him

He's kind and true
Thoughtful and strong
He captured my heart
So many years ago
I will cherish him

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