Sunday, May 9, 2010

Momma - A Woman, Like Us

Momma - A Woman, Like Us

She's just a woman, like us,
striving to do her best, or better
than the mommas who came before her.
She sometimes succeeds in triumph,
occasionally concedes defeat,
often muddling and meddling along,
stumbling through another day
in the world on sinful legs, just like us.

A momma sometimes cooks and sews
and tends a garden to provide for her family.
She will bake pies, wash clothes, 
and volunteer for jobs no one else would take for pay, 
for the sake of her children.
But even if she's unable to do those things,
she loves in other unspoken ways...
Her heart yearns for her children.
She would spend the whole night on her knees for them,
she'd fight a tornado for them,
she'd give her very life for them,
and almost did when she gave them life.
Maybe that's why God uses the image of a mother's protecting care in scripture
for Himself and His great love for us.

"For what??"
she may sometimes ask herself
when besieged with trials and heartache.
"For them, it's what mothers do."
she'd simply say,
and be right.

She's just a woman, like us,
doing the best she knows how at the time.
God give us the grace to do the same.

© Charlene Day 2010

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