Friday, March 13, 2009

Arkansas Homeschoolers

Arkansas HB 2144

An Act Amending the Prerequisites for Home Schooling.
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Our children are our God-given responsibility. Why do so many people, some of whom have no relationship with their own children, want to legislate away all parental rights to be able to make schooling decisions for OUR children? Some will rue the day these interfering bills were passed if they decide to jerk their own kids out of a public school which teaches things they don't want taught. There are MANY former public school teachers who have brought their own children home to educate them. If you think you can keep your children's hearts while they go to public or private schools that is your decision. It's nice to decide for your own family whether it be government school, private, or home education.

I confess, in the past I was one of those who applauded loudest when any restrictive, or so-called "accountability" bill was introduced. Why? Because I knew a family who were schooling at home, but only in name. The children were horribly behind. Were those children my responsibility? NO, they weren't, but like many other mistaken folks, I thought other people's children were my responsibility. They aren't! If the government school system isn't doing it's job do we get to tell them what to do with our children who are enrolled there? Of course not! I dare you to try!

I can remember when our daughter, a hard-working, excellent student, was frustrated that the kids who tested in elementary school for the gifted and talented program were still in the program in high school, whether they were still performing at that level or not. They could've been good students, or could've been doing drugs in a parking lot next to the school for all the other kids to see. In some public schools you can sign your kids away to "special" classes that you can never retrieve them from. Once they're in, they're in. It takes an act of Congress to get them out again. By the way, you are ONLY the parent, you can't possibly know what's right for your own child. Just forget about the ones who are passed from grade to grade because no one cares. Yes, it still happens folks.

The majority of the kids who are home educated go on to get a high quality, one on one education. The proof is in the pudding.

In one study it was shown that homeschooled students scored at the 85th percentile while the public school students averaged in the 50th percentile on nationally standardized achievement tests. Interesting results seeing that every year the government spends 92% MORE per student than the average homeschool parent does. (The percentage difference would be even higher for those of us who utilize the library and used curriculum.)

The children who only get a so-so homeschool education are getting at the very least what they'd have received from ps101. Have you had a thank you note from a publicly schooled, young person lately? Have you read the misspellings on grown kids webpages? Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but you know what I'm talking about.

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