Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Questions

See if you know the answers.

1.When Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit:
a. Joseph didn't want to be engaged anymore
b. Mary left for awhile
c. Joseph and Mary were already married
d. both a. and b

2. How many wise men came to visit Jesus?
a. We don't know how many.
b. Three (We three kings)
c. Ten
d. a multitude

3. The baby Jesus was born in:
a. a field
b. a stable
c. a cave
d. who knows?

4. What animals were present at Jesus' birth?
a. cows and sheep
b. a donkey and sheep
c. pigs, cows and doves
d. we don't know

5. What sign were the shepherds told to look for?
a. a star
b. a baby in a manger
c. a neon sign
d. angels

6. When the wise men found Jesus He was:
a. laying in a manger
b. sleeping in the hay
c. in a house
d. we don't know

7. What did the innkeeper say to Mary and Joseph?
a. "No room here"
b. " You can use my room"
c. "You can use the stable out back"
d. we don't know

8. An angel appeared to Joseph and told Him to name the child Jeshua (Jesus)
to fulfill the prophecy that a virgin would give birth and the child would be called Immanuel.
What does Immanuel mean?
a. Jesus saves
b. God with us
c. God in flesh
d. God is born

9. How much younger was Jesus than His cousin John?
a. 6 months
b. 1 year
c. 2 years
d. we don't know

10. Which gospels have the account of Jesus' birth?
a. All four
b. Luke and John
c. Matthew and Luke
d. Matthew, Luke and Mark

11. Who is the only person who can claim to be the true Messiah
based on legal, genealogical records?
a. A few thousand
b. Only the Jesus of the Bible
c. who knows?
d. Any man descended from David

12. Who fulfilled more than 100 prophecies which were know to be
prophecies about the coming Messiah?
a. Only Jesus of the Bible
b. Obama
c. L. Ron Hubbard
d. Muhammad

2.-a The Bible doesn't tell us how many. We just figured there were three because of the three gifts, and it stuck. There could have been a whole entourage of people with their servants and animals to travel so far.
6.-c The wise men were not present at the birth of Jesus, but came later
8.-b "God with us" Amazing that He would become a man, live among us and die in our place.
11.-b Jesus' geological record was preserved in scripture in both Matthew(family tree of Joseph, His legal father) & Luke (Family tree of Mary) No one else can prove their bloodline to David positively because the temple records were destroyed in AD 70 when Rome burned Jerusalem.
12.-a Only Jesus. Read them for yourself.

There were actually people calling Obama the messiah. Can you believe it?
L. Ron was the nut case who started his own religion. He was a science fiction writer.


Mama Bird said...

Am I reading that wrong? Pigs? At Jesus' birth? Jewish Jesus' birth? =:-O Surely that's a typo.

 Cha said...

LOL! NO! No pigs! So that's how I bring out the lurkers, make a horrible, horrible typo. (There were 2 "c" choices.) The pigs were thrown in for a "no way" answer, and then I picked it! Eek! Sorry. Hi there, J. Will you be my proof reader?