Sunday, March 4, 2012

T-Shirt Rag Rug

  Remember the old loop potholders we all made as kids? If you ever tried to use one of those potholders you'd burn your fingers. Well this project is MUCH more fun, actually looks nice, and is functional! 
Unless you tell, no one would know it was old t-shirts.
  It's a rug made on a hula hoop! The idea came from Pinterest, where someone pinned the idea from 
Family Fun Magazine online.

  You'll need around 12 old t-shirts, scissors (or a cutting mat and rotary cutter), and a hula hoop or other large hoop. After you make one you'll be thinking about what else you could use for a loom. Such as an large, old frame, or begging your honey to make you something. I can see a rectangular rug in my future. :)

11 Loops go on the frame like spokes on a wheel. These are the warp. The material you weave with is the weft. So you start with 22 warp. You need an uneven number for the weave to come out right, so you push 2 of the spokes together and treat them as one. For now you treat both of the double strings of each loop as one.

8 inches of weaving is where you will begin treating 
each warp spoke as two individual strips instead of a single unit.
Soooo much easier than crocheting!

Just about finished!

Now I'm scouring closets for more old t-shirts, and seeing loom possibilities everywhere. Here's my Pinterest site For full directions go to 
Family Fun here

                                                                          The tie off 

This rug is not yours, Miss Patty Dog.
Maybe we can share.

I like this recycled old bed sheet rug.
And this braided rug, no-sew!

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