Saturday, July 14, 2012

Homeschooling? YES, you can do it! (updated)

While I know there are folks who "say" they homeschool, and give a bad impression to the world for failing to teach anything to their kids and then dumping them back in public school afterward, for the most part I think the statistics are bearing out what we've been saying for years, that homeschooling works, and can work well! Anything with involved, caring parents works well, whether you choose to see your kids to public school or bring them home.
But, Dads and moms need to spend quality AND quantity time with their children. How else will they learn what we want to pass down to them? 

Many homeschooled students are scoring high on the ACT and SAT, many winning National Merit Scholarships.
Homeschooled students may be closer to their families, and more mannered. Perfect? No, I didn't say that. Just about the time you decide your children will never______ (fill in the blank) you'll get knocked off your high horse and they will drive you to distraction, whether you homeschool or not. Your knees will be sore from praying and you'll be at your wit's end. Which is precisely where God wants us sometimes, doesn't He? Then He can get to OUR heart issues, forget the crumb grabbers and their heart issues, sister! We have problems we need to iron out on our own with God!

Folks are bringing their children home to school, or finding other great options. They are finding that they don't have to be rocket scientists, or even certified teachers, in most states, to teach their children.
If they are normal, caring, parents, they've already been teaching their children from the time they were placed in their arms. For others, they are getting more involved in their public, private or Christian schools. Knowing what's being taught, and not relying on the teachers to do it all. It isn't their job to teach our children godly principles, manners, and the like. It's a God-mandated responsibility of ours, the parents! A disclaimer here: I am not one who thinks every parent must homeschool. It is a personal decision and there are some folks who should not be trying to teach their children. Mainly because they can't or don't!

If you decide to homeschool remember, YOU, the parents of these precious children, are capable of teaching them. You have been teaching them things, mostly by example. Scary thought, huh? SO what if they learn more than you know! Then you'll learn right along with them! Or you'll join a cooperative group. Or hire/barter for a tutor to get your children what they need. Do you think I speak Spanish well enough to teach it? No, but I know someone who does. Am I gifted in music? No, but I found lessons for my son. Am I a math whiz? No, but there are CDs and books that practically teach it for me. There's a library in every town and almost everyone has access to the internet.

I was one of the ones who said, "I think my kid would drive me crazy. I can't even make him mind."
I was told by a good friend, "Then NEED to be homeschooling!"

What are you waiting for if you want to homeschool and aren't?
Get to it!

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Amen, and amen, sister!